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Here is my latest demo reel for September 2011.


I think there’s something about the coming of spring and the beautiful evenings around this time of year that fills me with optimism and excitement. This has prompted me to work on some playful electronic pieces along with my normal orchestral scores. Here’s a little teaser of what to expect in the near future 😀

I have recently completed the training theme, Bootcamp for the almost released Grid Legion!

The track is also available to download as well as stream on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

The pre-release soundtrack for Wind Jester Games’ new XBox 360 title Grid Legion is now available to listen. I have really enjoyed creating an all out orchestral score for a game, and the soundtrack is to be developed as the game is updated over the coming months.

Grid Legion will be available to buy soon on XBox 360’s marketplace, and a PC release is also scheduled in the near future. Head over to Wind Jester Games for game and release info!

To kickstart the site, i’ve started uploading my back catalogue of tunes which includes a number of tracks completed a few years ago for various different projects. Here’s a couple of tracks from the ball-rolling puzzle game Quintessence, a student project I got involved in while studying at Huddersfield University. Enjoy!

Welcome to Pete Brannan’s world of juicy music, the site is up!